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Dissected islets

Laser Capture Microdissection- brightfield or fluorescence

The Leica 7000 is available for bright-field and fluorescence sample microdissection of human, animal or plant materials. Paraffin or fresh frozen samples are placed on PEN membrane slides. Please contact […]


EnCor Biotechnology Inc

Need great antibodies for neuroscience? Founded in 1999 as a spin-off from the University of Florida by Dr. Gerry Shaw, a British scientist and professor at the University of Florida, […]


Rental Equipment and Training Available

Need histology or microscopy equipment only part time? Have equipment and staff but need training? Need to maximize your valuable samples? Consider training or renting equipment from us. Rental equipment include embedding station, microtomes, cryostat, microscopes (brightfield, […]

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Our mission is to improve human and animal health by accelerating basic and clinical research based on histological procedures.


Routine or personalized histology services are provided including free sample submission supplies for Core users. Users are encouraged to consult Core staff early in project design for optimal results.


Immunolocalization assays for protein and mRNA using single or multiplex brightfield or fluorescence detection. A Zeiss Axioskop microscope with high resolution Axiocam color and black and white cameras is available for photography and image analysis.