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Laura Ranum, PhD, Director of Center for NeuroGenetics, Professor, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Member, UF Genetics Institute

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Ranum

We would like to congratulate Dr. Laura Ranum on her recent achievements. We have the pleasure of working with Dr. Ranum’s lab on a frequent basis. Dr. David S. Guzick sent out the […]


New Customer Feedback Form

We, the Molecular Pathology Core, have recently added a Customer Feedback Form to our website. We want to hear back from our submitters. We encourage you to fill out a feedback form […]

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Han Oncotarget 2016 LMD

Laser microdissection for pancreatic cancer- Song Han et al, July 2016

A recent publication by University of Florida investigators highlights the utility of laser microdissection to separate pancreatic ductal epithelium and stroma. Dr. Song Han and colleagues published their studies in […]

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Our mission is to improve human and animal health by accelerating basic and clinical research based on histological procedures.


Routine or personalized histology services are provided including free sample submission supplies for Core users. Users are encouraged to consult Core staff early in project design for optimal results.


Immunolocalization assays for protein and mRNA using single or multiplex brightfield or fluorescence detection. A Zeiss Axioskop microscope with high resolution Axiocam color and black and white cameras is available for photography and image analysis.