Zeiss Axioskop

First time submitter?

Please contact us so staff can discuss your project and understand your goals. See also FAQ.

Drop off and pick up samples in D11-41 (Dental Tower, 11th floor). P: (352) 273-7749  E:

Turnaround Time

Submissions are handled first come, first served with every attempt to have work finished as soon as possible. Please let us know about deadlines so we can try to meet them.
Here are some general times:

  • Cassetted tissues for paraffin process and embedding (P&E) only: 1-3 days, i.e. next processing run.
  • Paraffin blocks to unstained slides: 1 or more days, depending on # blocks, # slides/block, and any special requests (multiple sections/slide, multiple blocks/slide)
  • Stain cut section on slide: H&E- 0.5 day. Special stains are performed done weekly to biweekly. IHC can take longer depending on whether the antibody is under development or has been routinely used.
  • You can do many of these steps yourself including embedding, sectioning, and staining using our self-service equipment rental.

When Samples are Ready

You will be notified by email or phone. Please take your sample containers back when you pick up your samples.


Staff members are happy to discuss any aspect of your project including do-it-yourself aspects and routine versus personalized services. Assistance is also available with photography for publications or grants.


If you use our services, please acknowledge the Molecular Pathology Core in your publications.