Rental equipment: embedding station, microtomes, cryostat, microscopes including laser microdissection microscope.
Users are responsible for purchasing their own consumables. Core staff maintain the equipment and offer direction on protocols and training sessions.

Training usually takes 1 hour to complete for new users. For tissue sectioning, please bring the following materials: pen and paper for note taking, low profile microtome blades* (cryostat), your paraffin or OCT blocks, positively charged slides* (Fisher) and slide boxes*.

*These materials can be provided by the MPC at a charge.

  • Zeiss Axioskop 2 Plus Fluorescence with dual Axiocam hr cameras (color and monochrome)

    • Axiovision 4.7 user manual
    • 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (oil)
    • Fluorescence Cubes:
      • Zeiss #01- DAPI, AF350/405, AMCA
      • Zeiss #10- AF488, Cy2, FITC, GFP
      • Zeiss #20- AF555, Rhodamine, TRITC
      • Zeiss #26- AF647, Cy5
      • Dual FITC/Texas Red, Triple (Dapi/FITC/Rhodamine)
  • Embedding station- Histocentre

  • Microtomes- Leica and Microm

  • Cryostat- H550

  • Image analysis workstation

    • Dell PC with dual monitors and internet access (D11-35)
      • MetaMorph 7 Premium (offline)- Metamorph User Guide
      • Adobe Photoshop CS
      • Leica/Aperio eSLIDE image analysis macros
        • Positive pixel count (Aperio ImageScope)
        • Nuclear and cytoplasm colocalization (Indica Labs)
        • Islet quantification (Indica Labs)