New Core member of BioImaging North American (BINA)

MPC has joined the BioImaging North American (BINA) consortium.

BioImaging North America (BINA) was started during the 2018 “Frontiers in Microscopy Technologies and Strategies for Bioimaging Centers Network” meeting on Janelia Research Campus. It was registered as a US non-profit organization in June 2018 and until the Spring of 2021 was an entirely volunteer-based organization. Thanks to a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), as part of its ongoing support for  bioimaging scientists, advanced technologies and international networks of bioimaging facilities and communities, funding was provided to support two full-time administrative staff members and kick off a range of funded programs and resources, details of which can be found in the pages of this web site.

Please visit their resources webpage for more information.