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IHC Stains

New: Precisionary Instruments Compresstome VF-300-OZ

A Compresstome VF-300-oz is now available in the Molecular Pathology Core for assisted or unassisted use. This vibrating microtome is capable of sectioning both fixed and live tissues with thicknesses ranging from 3 µm to 2 mm. Sterile conditions can be used for living slice studies suitable for electrophysiology…

Ki67 IHC Human Tumor

In this immunohistochemistry (IHC) single stain, Ki67+ nuclei are shown in brown chromogen (DAB) in a human tumor indicating a high proliferation rate. All nuclei are counterstained with hematoxylin. Ki67 IHC is also available for mouse and rat tissues and in combination with other primary antibodies.  …

Quadruple IHC Stain

Quadruple or multiplex IHC is becoming more mainstream. Shown are islets from human, rat, and pig stained for somatostatin (SS, green), glucagon (red), insulin (blue) and pancreatic polypeptide (black). This staining was done using chromogen kits given to the MPC by Biocare Medical. Human: Rat: Pig:  …

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