Olympus VS200 Whole Slide Scanner

The VS200 supports brightfield and fluorescence with the possibility to scan a sample using multiple techniques at the same time. More information about the scanner can be found here: Olympus VS200.


  • The VS200 slide scanner is a highly flexible system that supports various slide sizes, different objectives, the SILA optical sectioning device, cameras, loaders, and LED/laser light sources with multiple filter sets.
  • Loader holds up to 35 sample trays with a maximum capacity of 210 26 × 76 mm (1 × 3 in.) slides. Large format (2 x 3 in.) slides can also be scanned.
  • Save and recall settings to speed up repetitive workflows and standardize operations
  • Settings can be saved as projects and shared among multiple users

The VS200 software supports offline analysis, deep learning, 3D deconvolution, and batch conversion to standard file formats. It also supports the NIS-SQL database for data management and the DICOM format for easy integration into a lab information management system (LIMS).

Fees and Invoicing

Please visit the Fee page for information on costs and billing.