Chinese New Year luncheon 2023
Core staff at 2023 Chinese New Year luncheon


UF Undergraduate Graduation party- May 2023
UF Undergraduate Graduation party for Core and MCT Research- May 2023

Dongtao Ann Fu,Dongtao Ann Fu, MD PhD, HT (ASCP) QIHC

Core Manager, Assistant Scientist (352) 273-7752
D11-34A (Office), D11-39 (Lab), D6-19 (Moonshot Nanostring Lab)


Cathy SunCathy Yuping Sun, B.S.

Biological Scientist III
(352) 273-7751

Alli Miller, B.S. Histotechnologist, D11-41  

Danica Jingwan Yang, Histotechnician, D11-41

Benjamin Kaufman, BS, Laboratory Technician, D11-41

Havy Dinh, Accountant and Laboratory Technician, D11-41

  • Martha Campbell-Thompson, DVM PhD, Director, Professor, (352) 273-6129, D11-38A,
  • Karen Cox, Administrative assistant, Experimental Pathology Division, (352) 294-5593, D6-17,
  • Andrew Kegley, Accounting administrator, (352) 265-7800, 1329 RM 4230,