Mouse isletOur mission is to improve human and animal health by accelerating research using histology and light microscopy procedures.

The Molecular Pathology Core (MPC) is based in the Experimental Pathology Division of the Department of Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Medicine and opened January 1, 2001.

MPC is a comprehensive histology and microscopy facility for paraffin and frozen blocks and for all aspects of specimen collection, preparation, fixation, processing, staining, and analysis.

  • Staining can include immunolocalization for proteins or RNA/DNA using bright-field or fluorescent microscopy and multiple color combinations.
  • Digital slide scanning, tissue microarray construction, and laser microdissection services are also available. Preclinical and clinical trial histopathology and immunolocalization are fully supported using standard operating procedures.
  • Services are available to all investigators and inquires are always welcomed.


Acknowledgements of specific instrument use and/or core service, is a metric tracked by both the institution and NIH as a measure of core productivity.

Please consider acknowledging the core and/or staff in your publications. For more substantial contributions including preparation of new protocols, significant contributions to your experiment design, and/or imaging, please consider co-authorship.Please acknowledge Core services using “Molecular Pathology Core at the College of Medicine, University of Florida”, and names of staff members instrumental in your work.

For those using the Leica 7000, please include the following: “This work utilized a LEICA 7000 laser microdissection microscope that was purchased with funding from National Institutes of Health SIG grant 1S10OD016350-01.”