Equipment for Rent

  • Initial training or orientation by Core staff is required for all instruments.
  • Users are responsible for supplying consumables, including blades, slides, and slide boxes.
  • Fill in Equipment use logs with start and end times and calculate the total time (30-minute intervals).
  • Failure to use properly and clean up afterward may lead to loss of equipment use.
  • All users are responsible for equipment damage incurred through their use.
    • Failure to note another person’s damage to an instrument does not absolve one from responsibility discovered later by MPC personnel.


  • Equipment Reservations Calendar
  • Equipment rentals are rounded up to the nearest half-hour, eg. 30 minutes minimum.
    • Regular ‘Working Hours Access’ is from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Closed UF Holidays.
    • ‘After-Hours Access’ is defined as hours outside of regular hours. Certain users can have after-hours access based on demonstrated competency of use.
    • Limited rental time is available for equipment also needed for fee-for-service submissions.
  • Calendar/Add/Edit: Pick the date, add your name and PI, and choose equipment under Category dropdowns. Create an Event to save.
    • You will receive an email reminder of your reservation.


  • Paraffin embedding station – D11-41
  • Cryostat- D11-33
  • Cytospin- D11-33
  • Microtome- D11-33
  • Compresstome vibratome VF-300-OZ in D11-41A- vibrating microtome for cutting tissue slices, similar to cryostats and vibrating microtomes. The VF-300 sections is fully automated for sectioning fixed and live tissues, with down to 1-µm precision. This microtome can cut tissue slice thicknesses ranging from 3-µm to 2000-µm, at 1-µm intervals.
  • Free use of multi-headed Olympus brightfield upright microscope in D11-35.
  • Leica 7000 Laser Microdissection Microscope (LMD) 
  • Zeiss Axioskop 2 Plus Fluorescence with LED illuminator and both Axiocam hr cameras (color and monochrome) in D11-35A
    • 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x (oil)
    • Fluorescence Filters:
      • Zeiss #01- DAPI, AF350/405, AMCA
      • Zeiss #10- AF488, Cy2, FITC, GFP
      • Zeiss #20- AF555, Rhodamine, TRITC
      • Zeiss #26- AF647, Cy5
      • Triple (Dapi/FITC/Rhodamine)
      • Image data management:
        • Please always transfer your data after you finish imaging. Any images left on the computer hard-drives may be deleted on a regular basis to restore hard drive space.
  • Image analysis workstation  in D11-37- Dell tower, dual color monitors, Wacom tablet

Fees and Invoicing

Please visit the Fee page for information on costs and billing.