GeoMX Digital Spatial Profiling

The Nanostring GeoMX DSP and nCounter instruments are available through the Molecular Pathology Core. The GeoMX provides digital spatial profiling (DSP) for proteins or mRNA for human and mouse samples. More information about GeoMX DSP can be found at their website.

Cell types of interest can be identified on the tissue section to guide selection of regions of interest. Excellent information about morphology markers validated by Nanostring for human and mouse fixed and frozen sections can be found on their website: Morphology Marker Clone List – NanoString

Please contact us early on in project planning to discuss your project. Dr. Ann Fu provides consultation services and all technical support including validation of morphology markers in your species and tissue followed by running the instruments for the actual assay. Sections cut within 2 weeks are optimal for the whole transcriptome assay so planning is needed to coordinate services.