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JHC_Jan_2019Journal Histochemistry and Cytochemistry

January 2019, Volume 67, Issue 1


Delitto et al Cover CIICancer Immunology, Immunotherapy
December 2015, Volume 64, Issue12

“Downstream mediators of the intratumoral interferon response suppress antitumor immunity, induce gemcitabine resistance and associate with poor survival in human pancreatic cancer”Visit journal

Diabetes journal cover nod isletDiabetes
December 2013, Volume 62, Issue 12

“Pancreatic section from a female NOD mouse. An islet is shown with β-cells (red) and α-cells (green) surrounded by lymphocytes (DAPI nuclear counterstain). Photograph courtesy of Martha Campbell-Thompson, DVM, PhD, University of Florida College of Medicine.”Visit journal

Diabetes 2016Diabetes
March 01 2016, volume 65, issue 3

“Insulitis and β-Cell Mass in the Natural History of Type 1 Diabetes”Visit journal

H&E stained PancreasDiabetologia
January 2016, Volume 59, Issue 1

“The influence of type 1 diabetes on pancreatic weight”Visit journal